Liz Antle-Odonnell:

Momentary Landscapes

Hank Paper:

Hello, I Must Be Going: American Pastoral

June 4 - July 5 2015

Opening reception:

Sunday, June 7, 3pm - 6pm



Liz Antle


Hank Paper


Momentary Landscapes:

This exhibit investigates the conversation between natural and manmade landscapes, using telephone polls, electrical towers, and street lights as the primary subjects. Through a series of linoleum block prints and various forms of collage, Liz Antle-O’Donnell reveals how our created landscapes are becoming more natural than nature itself. “Many of these works possess an intended level of humor,” she explains. “The collection invites viewers to reflect upon structures and systems that are so integrated into our daily lives that we rarely take notice of their inherent implications.”

Hello, I Must Be Going: American Pastoral:

In this collection of contemporary pastoral photographs, Hank Paper depicts the effect of pristine landscapes on behavior and society. Featuring such locales as the Hudson River Valley, Pennsylvania Amish farmlands, the Catskills, the Adirondacks, New England, and the American West, Paper presents an inter-play between human (or non-human) stories against a strange and beautiful background. In doing so, he captures a serendipitous story of America today, its beauty, mystery, heart, and irony. “This is America as I see it,” he explains. “What we are losing and what we have to gain, a hint, perhaps, of what came before and what comes after.”