Signs of Life

Julie Fraenkel and Matthew Garrett

September 11 - October 12, 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday September 14, 3 - 6pm


Julie Fraenkel, "Look at Me"


Matthew Garrett, "Super"

Signs of Life
 is a reflection of the nature of people – both real and imagined. Take, for example, the characters in Julie Fraenkel’s pieces Look at Me and Silence whose gestures invite the viewer to play along with the moment: what could be happening? what might be said?

Fraenkel describes her recent work as “a synthesis of play and metaphor, exploring ideas with the most basic materials.” Using oil pastel crayons and papier-mâché, she “reconnects with the joys of drawing, coloring, and shaping forms, the materials informing the images, stripping down and clarifying” her sense of the world.

 Finding a new sense of the world is a theme that echoes in Matthew Garrett's collection of photographs, as well. Shifting from social landscapes—generally “places where people aren't”—Garrett’s attention is drawn out-of-frame, to family, to stuff, to life. In images like Fair Night and Super, viewers will find recognizable signs and symbols of family life, but also a sense of intrigue and wonder.