Artist as Curator 2

July 9 - August 30

Opening Reception,

Sunday, July 12,  3 - 6pm

Artists Become Curators at New Kehler Liddell Gallery Exhibit


Daniel Eugene  the guest artist of Jean Perkins


Rachel Hellerich the guest artist of Jamie Ursic

The common denominator of the ARTIST AS CURATOR 2 show is a genuine admiration between the curators and their invited artists. The exhibit represents creative relationships: life-long associations, working partnerships, mentorships, personal inspirations, and friendships. “Kehler Liddell Gallery has always focused on community,” says photographer Penny Cook. “This show is a way of reaching out to artists who are not KLG members, but are very much a part of our community.”
“I asked Jennifer Davies because I think she is an amazing handmade paper artist,” says exhibit coordinator Alan Shulik. “I have known her since 1981, have followed her work closely, and am always inspired by the new directions she takes in her work.” 
“I met print maker Scott Schnepf in 1978,” explains artist Tom Edwards. “We became good friends and have remained so for 37 years. I am a great admirer of his work, and I can’t imagine selecting anyone else for this exhibition.”
Edith Borax-Morrison describes painter Margery Caggiano as “an inspiration to me…always creating new work, so energetic yet flexible in her craft.” 
Equally inspired by her selection is Penny Cook, who explains “I am moved by John Earle’s ability to capture the human spirit, his power of observation and empathy that allows him to find the hidden spaces of humanity in the most ordinary scenes. Even inanimate objects come alive under his watchful eye.”
“I chose Daniel Eugene,” writes exhibit coordinator Jean Perkins, “because his work has fascinated me for years. I wanted the opportunity to pick away at it, to discover, to give up complacency. Art at its best always stirs the pot.”
But ARTISTS AS CURATOR 2 is more than just a Favorites list—it is “art at its best.” An important and varied collection of work by a talented group of artists who work locally and exhibit both nationally and internationally, including:
Kwadwo Adae (New Haven), Marion Belanger (Guilford), Connie Brown (New Canaan), Margery Caggiano (Maryland), Bill Chickillo (Pennsylvania), Jennifer Davies (Branford), Nancy Diessner (Massachusetts), Anne Doris-Eisner (New Haven), John Earle (Massachusetts), Daniel Eugene (New Haven), Rachel Hellerich (New Haven), Graham D. Honaker II (Hamden), Eric March (New Haven), Olivia Martson (New Haven), Dana Osborne (Middlebury), Ava Orphanoudakis (Guilford), DeAnn Prosia (Newtown), Ann Louise Schnepf (Milford), Scott Schnepf (Maine), Gordon Skinner (New Haven), and Sarah Sorenson (Branford).



Society Fuct

Saturday, July 11, 5pm

Special perfromance presented by Gordon Skinner

Society Fuct is a Performance Art piece created by Gordon Skinner in collaboration with award winning poets and actors Tenisi Davis and Attallah Sheppard. The piece is a social commentary combining the elements of poetry, theatre and visual art as one body of work. Directly inspired by a “zine” of collages created by Skinner, the piece speaks to some current pressing societal issues in an unapologetic artistic form of expression. Touching on a variety of issues from classism, poverty, race, capitalism, corporate greed and exploitation, the piece examines the ills of society and asks of the viewer to do the same in their pursuit of happiness.