Mark ST. Mary and Alan Shulik

February 19 - March 15, 2015

Opening Reception: February 22, 3-6pm



In Appearances and Apparitions, visitors can peek through the lens of two distinct photographic styles—the urban patterns and textures of Mark St. Mary’s work, and the haunting landscapes by Alan Shulik. In startling juxtaposition, these photographers capture both the geometry and elegance of our world, the obvious and the sublime. 

St. Mary’s photos, primarily taken in urban settings, offer a visual representation of his emotional connection to the locations. See for yourself how the weathered patina of a metal door, the scar of a tire impact on a concrete wall, the remediation of graffiti all become something different through St. Mary’s eyes. “I try to create abstract pieces that are emotionally evocative, where the subject acquires a grace unavailable in context,” explains St. Mary. An avid photographer for 36 years, he began to show his work for the first time in 2007. His acclaimed work has been in solo and area group shows and juried exhibitions. 

Shulik's photography consists of two main bodies of work. The first is the landscape and its interaction with available light. These are all black and white images, distilled down to monochromatic luminosities, printed in the style of traditional silver-gelatin, but created using digital technology. Shulik explains, “In these prints I strive to move beyond the mere appearance of landscapes and architectural subjects in order to reveal the underlying apparition, the quality of light that enables the subject to reveal its underlying self, one that is animated by light.” In a complementary body of work, Shulik presents figurative studies made in his studio using artificial light and a special emulsion technique that produces unusual textural and tactile qualities to evoke a sense of mystery. “I hope the viewer will connect with the apparition that lies beneath the surface appearance in these works,” he notes. Shulik, a resident of Guilford, is an award-winning photographer whose works have been exhibited in many galleries throughout the United States.