John Harris and Edith Borax-Morrison

October 16 - November 9, 2014
Opening Reception:
Sunday October 26, 3 - 6pm

John Harris 
Edith Morrison




From Two Directions you’ll see how the unique approaches of the featured artists diverge, but also connect. Borax-Morrison’s “pen weave” drawings depict the twisting and weaving of colorful strings and ropes, overlapping in bold, abstract form. While in a sharply different style, Harris’ organic paintings of nature emerge from exaggerated forms, sequences, and layers of color.


 At first glance, there is only the contrast of style, subject and palette. But travel farther, and you’ll see camaraderie between the two artists. Borax-Morrison describes her work as “compulsive and all consuming,” and Harris uses words like “meticulous” and “repetition” to describe his process. It is that similarity of process, that common approach, which marries the two artists in rhythm and intensity. Expect to be surprised by the results!


Borax-Morrison and Harris are two of 25 member artists at the Kehler Liddell Gallery. Founded in 2003, the Gallery has grown to represent some of Connecticut's highest achieving mid-career and emerging artists in a full range of media, from painting, printmaking and works on paper, to photography and sculpture. The Gallery is dedicated to representing critical perspectives that challenge and illuminate our culture and enrich our aesthetic experience, and is committed to establishing New Haven as an important center of arts and culture. Its programs revel in the excitement of cross discipline collaborations—including projects with musicians, theatre troupes, filmmakers, authors, dancers, creative entrepreneurs, and events like the Westville ArtWalk.